Arrieda is comprised of senior leaders in IT with over 75 years combined experience, the last 15 years working together transforming teams at a Fortune 500 level company. We know how to bring out the best in technology teams, how to create that win-win environment where business value is maximized, results are measurable and team confidence soars.

Kelli Boruff

Senior IT Executive who has developed high-performing teams and cultures to deliver innovative technologies at a Fortune 500 level.

Specialist at cost optimization and leadership development while increasing agility and business value.

Founder & CEO

Notable Mentions

Created a mobile operations division to develop, deploy and operate a proprietary mobile POS solution for thousands of locations spanning North America and Europe. Named inventor on six technology patents. A three-year member of the Samsung B2B Innovation Board. A Whitehouse Roundtable participant for “Rural Means Business”.

My Personal Statement

My career began at 17 when I wrote my first program. Since then I have grown up in technology with a career spanning engineer to executive and across many industries. What makes me effective is my ability to understand the mindset of teams developing technology and meaning of true business value. Being able to blend these to create a positive productive environment for both is what drives me.

Bob Matroni

Senior Leader accomplished at embedding cybersecurity best practices and compliance in high-performing development teams at a Fortune 500 level.

Specialist at cultivating a security lifestyle to ensure sustainable security practices while delivering business value. 

Cyber Specialist

Notable Mentions

Cybersecurity lead on Fortune 500 POS mobile solution with responsibility spanning hardware, software and connectivity, passing multiple PCI audits. AWS Cloud Leader bridging the gap in culture to institute a DevOps mindset to advance business continuity in the cloud. Named inventor on multiple technology patents.

My Personal Statement

I came out of retirement after a very successful career in technology because I remembered how fulfilling it was when I worked at transforming and setting up teams for success.

Becky Paregien

Senior Leader with proven success at agile transformation with leadership development while ensuring deliveries at a Fortune 500 level.

Specialist at cross-team collaboration, process with purpose and KPIs for business transparency.

Cultural Leadership

Notable Mentions

Senior Leader of innovation through transformation in the delivery of a global mobile POS solution. Leader in Devops culture to deliver resiliency and business continuity through cloud mobile architecture. AAIM Panel Presenter on Team Transformation and student of CORO Women’s Leadership program.

My Personal Statement

I have had an interesting journey of a career…. My knack of knowing when someone is not comfortable combined with “trained” curiosity, makes me very effective at lasering in on the issues inhibiting a team.

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