Our unique approach provides you a reflection of your current progress in a matter of days, giving you clear insight into the best next steps:  Accelerate; Remediate; or Renovate, to achieve your goals.  Our experience of over 10 years shows increases of up to 25% in capacity and throughput; 30% decrease in error rates; improved team morale; increased accuracy in business results; and an increase in innovation.  Read our case study “Addressing Demand through Team Innovation”.

Our approach drives the benefits of agility upward into the organization from the delivery teams themselves, breaking down the command-and-control culture one team at a time.  Bringing agility to business at a time when the ability to pivot their focus quickly could be the difference between thriving or only surviving.

Read our case study “Overcoming the Obstacle of Tradition” where one business team increased their decision making on investment allocation from 2x a year, to monthly…12x a year.  And…were seeing nearly 30% increase in deliveries addressing true business needs.

Our philosophy is to “teach your teams to fish”.  Your business needs self-sustaining teams, not lifetime consultants.  Our goal and our passion is to stand up your high-performing team, implement the transition, develop your leaders, then work our way out.  Through education, enablement, tools, and skilled insights, your leaders will take hold without the need for our “backup”.

So, why can’t this be done internally?  It can, however, we offer three things you can’t:  Objectivity; Experience; and Speed.  We are not influenced by current culture nor history and we are not part of the management team, giving us a much higher likelihood of uncovering truths.  Our many years of experience in this practice means we have time-tested models of cause-and-effect, we know the patterns of human behavior in this space, and we have had successful results.  Our tools and techniques give us the ability to perform quickly.  We have never had the luxury of time, so we became good and fast.  And…wouldn’t you rather keep your people focused on their work moving your business forward?

Leverage our experience to gain transparency, agility, and productivity laser-focused on business outcomesthen monitor your measuresofsuccessusing our proprietary Agility Tracker.