Our unique approach combined with extensive experience brings quick wins and lasting results to teams tackling complex business problems…

We Offer Short Step-By-Step Engagements

As a small team of specialists we’ve developed our services to offer short-term fixed price engagements for maximum flexibility and cost control. Our step-by-step method delivers quick results allowing for open evaluation of the next logical step.

Our unique approach zeroes in on a team’s effectiveness in delivering true business value; enables ongoing improvement through Employee Development supported by Process Improvement and measured by relevant KPIs. We have a pattern of success using this multi-faceted approach to enable high-performing teams and a sustainable environment of transparency, trust and empowerment. 

Experience with all of the latest technologies, methods and cybersecurity needs

Our Breadth and Depth of Experience Brings Patterns of Success

We have over 75 years combined experience in the industry with over 15 years transforming teams and more importantly developing team leaders.  Each year creating that high-performance culture became more difficult because teams were not only tackling complex business problems, but they were also responding to the rapid rate of new technology, the high demand for increased security and Agile/DevOps/Cloud adoptions.  The knowledge we gained in maturing teams while delivering business value gives us an advantage over traditional consultants… practical application and success.

With this foundation, we developed patterns around a fused approach to team development and sustainable improvement to drive higher valued business outcomes.

Our positive results span a variety of large scale technology efforts creating business advancement opportunities and increased Return on Investment, all delivered with ongoing Employee Development.

  • Mobile POS Moving Experience from Counter to Customer
  • Embedded Cybersecurity Practices for Sustained PCI Compliance
  • Advancing Cloud Intelligence Driving Improved Business Continuity
  • Agile Optimization Alleviating Resource Constraints, Reducing Costs by 20% while Expediting Delivery by a Full Year
  • API Design and Development to Increase Business Market Position and Revenue Potential

If you interested in learning more about the value we can bring to your teams, reach out and we’ll set up a brief call to discuss.