Our unique approach combined with extensive experience brings quick wins and lasting results to teams tackling complex business problems

Step-By-Step Style Engagements

We are a small team of specialists offering short-term fixed price engagements to give our customers the utmost flexibility in cost control. We have a unique approach in the industry in that we offer one service, the development of successful teams driven by business value.  We take on only one team at a time, addressing the entire vertical of the team from business stakeholders to the delivery engineer.  We have had a pattern of success with this approach in that you create small successes and are not trying to “boil the ocean” in one engagement.

Our experience spans all of the latest technologies, methods and cybersecurity needs

Our Breadth and Depth of Experience Brings Patterns of Success

We have over 15 years working together transforming teams.  The last 7 years were the most active because teams were not only tackling complex business problems, they were also tackling the rapid rate of new technology, the high demand for increased security and they were adopting Agile.  The depth of our experience and knowledge across the new technologies, high-level cybersecurity needs and team dynamics in this space allows us to feel confident in our ability to deliver quick wins and lasting results of transparency, trust and a team laser focused on business outcomes.

Large Scale Agile Transformation Through Cloud/Mobile Migration
PCI Level Cybersecurity Practices Delivering Mobile POS Solution
API and Microservice Design Adoption while instilling TDD with CI/CD pipeline
Scrum to Scaled Agile Transformation with Cloud DevOps Adoption