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At Arrieda we are driven to unleash the value of the human factor in team success. Agile is a transformative practice in our industry but its true value lies in the people executing it.
Our consultation services are designed around setting up an environment that challenges and develops your people to perform at their best.
We know that when the environment is right, good people can do great things. Our engagement with you will provide operational best practices, team alignment, and a clear action plan that will enable your leadership to drive transformation and put your teams on the road to success.

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Experience, Expertise & Excellence

Kelli Boruff

CEO and Founder

Senior IT Executive with a career of developing high-performing teams and cultures at Fortune 500 level. Executive technology leader in large scale M&A. Passion for the hiring and development of new generation talent.


Bob Matroni

Cyber Security and Cloud

Senior Leader specializing in cybersecurity best practices, compliance, process improvement, and education including cloud and mobile architectures at a Fortune 500 PCI compliance level.


Becky Paregien

Agile Leadership Development

Senior Leader specializing in large scale agile culture and adaptation along with leadership development and innovative staffing strategies. Expert at Agile Maturity and college hire talent.


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