Knowing where you are is essential in getting where you need to be…

Getting the most from your investment in Agile isn’t always easy or evident.  The speed of delivery is easily measured, but does that equal business value?  The answer: not without developing your people.

The foundation of all value is the people. Developing the leaders and influencers in your organization will enable the laser focus and adaptability needed to deliver Return On Investment (ROI) with an added benefit of Intelligence On Return (IOR). It’s a critical time to make sure you’re developing leadership at each level of employee to support the empowered culture of agility.

To help teams, we’ve developed a quick yet thorough assessment that brings opportunities into plain sight and provides a map to improvement. Our Agile Effectiveness Index is based on years of experience teaching teams how to optimize around business goals and fuses delivery with employee development. This centers around three foundational pillars:

  • Product/Outcome:  What is to be accomplished?
  • People:  Who is working to accomplish it?
  • Process:  How are they going about accomplishing it?

This analysis is quick but thorough and delivers impactful and actionable information to the team and its stakeholders in 10 business days

So now what?

No matter where you fall on the Index, maturing your teams to lead in the empowered culture of Agile is essential to realizing the full potential and business value of this investment. Traditional employee development approaches fall short and process improvements are too limited for an industry as challenging and demanding as technology.

We here at Arrieda are breaking the norms. We have created a Fusion Approach that includes sound and practiced process improvement combined with employee and leadership development to move your team into the High-Performing Cycle of Effectiveness. And, we do all of this while protecting the ongoing deliveries and business commitments already in progress. Yes, our approach is to “fix the plane while you’re flying it” through short fixed-price engagements focused on results.

This multi-faceted approach brings attainable and sustainable results by tapping into and enabling the high caliber talent already within your team… Intelligence On Return.

The 3-5 year success of an organization will rely on the investment in your people today, protect your ROI and get IOR while you do it. Contact us to get started.